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About Coastal Trail Challenge

Connecting well-known routes, small paths and lost tracks, the Coastal Trail is a fascinating journey around Hong Kong Island’s coastline. The 65-km-long trail is divided into 8 stages, from easy to moderate in difficulty and from steep, remote mountain climbs to flat urban harbourside walks. In short, it offers something for everyone to enjoy!

The Hong Kong Coastal Trail Challenge is co-founded and co-organised by Designing Hong Kong, iDiscover and Parks & Trails, and powered by TrailWatch. Now in its 3rd edition, The Challenge aims to promote urban walkability, access to nature and heritage, healthy, sustainable living and responsible travel. It also seeks to enable the community to become cultural and environmental ambassadors.

Our Objectives

Raise the profile of the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail

Promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activities

Educate people on Hong Kong's history, culture and landmarks

Strengthen community participation in cultural and environmental preservation

Improve the accessibility and connectivity of Hong Kong's coastal trails I

Support local businesses

A Collaborative Effort

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