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Wah Fu Estate is known as “the luxury home of the ordinary (平民豪宅)”, and is familiar to many in Hong Kong. Located by the sea, many residential units and public areas within the estate offer breathtaking views. With the recent wave of nostalgia, the old-style public housing represented by Wah Fu Estate has become a popular spot for photography, capturing collective memories.

Established in 1968, this half-century-old estate was the first public housing development in Hong Kong to adopt a town concept design. Following the natural terrain, the layout of the estate is well-planned. It includes a shopping mall, market, school, post office, parking lots, and other comprehensive facilities. It has nurtured many Hong Kong citizens and served as a haven for numerous families. However, as the estate ages, Wah Fu Estate will soon undergo a redevelopment plan, bidding farewell to the people of Hong Kong. In recent years, both official and community initiatives have been launched to document the unique life, community, and architectural culture of the estate, recording its final moments.

As the redevelopment plan will begin shortly, we would have to say goodbye to Wah Fu Estate, one of the most important landmarks of Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail. If you are interested in Hong Kong’s customs and traditions, you must not miss the chance to visit Wah Fu Estate before its redevelopment.
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