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Press release

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 – Closing Ceremony Press Release


A roaring success: Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24

700 Participants challenged the fascinating journey around Hong Kong Island’s coastline 


Enjoy world-class scenery on Hong Kong Island! Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 (‘The Challenge’ for short) was successfully held from November 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024. About 700 participants, of which about 600 participants in the leisure category completed part or all of the 65km Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail looping around the Island, and about 80 runners joined our virtual races. A Closing Ceremony at Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Pier 8, Central was held today. Winners collected the awards sharing their happiness with guests and sponsors on the completion of the Challenge. 


A group photo of all winners and guests at the Closing Ceremony.


“The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is delighted to support this event, as our mission to preserve and promote Hong Kong’s maritime history and culture coincides with the objectives of the Challenge to strengthen community participation in cultural preservation and to promote Hong Kong culture and landmarks,” Richard Kendall, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Maritime Museum remarked. “With our iconic location at the core of Central’s harbourfront, we hope that the public will be encouraged to learn more of Hong Kong’s maritime heritage through our linkage with this annual event.”


This year, participants in the leisure category are required to use the tailor-made TrailWatch Event App, which combines the features of tracking routes and completing the scavenger hunt to record their journeys. Among them, about 200 participants successfully completed all eight stages of the Trail. The eldest participant was a 66-year-old foreign lady who took only one week to complete the whole loop; a 4-year-old girl who walked along the trail with her elder brother and parents is the youngest participant of the Challenge. The family enjoyed the journeys and completed the scavenger hunt with interesting questions about Hong Kong local culture and stories. 


Participants who completed each stage of the Trail could earn a new pin correspondingly, one of which showcasing the Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch that was just recently closed for relocation because of housing development, and the other landmark is Wah Fu Estate that is set to be redeveloped shortly. The pins are designed to encourage participants to learn about the surroundings and the changes in the city while they are exploring the Trail. Many of our participants responded that the Challenge has raised their awareness about the importance of cultural conservation, and at the same time, they enjoyed urban walking.

A 6-year-old girl who completed the whole challenge with her mum is one of the winners from the Leisure category.


“The government has implemented the “Round-the-Island Trail” on Hong Kong Island to connect the waterfront promenades and countryside walking trails on the northern and the southern shores,” Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Designing Hong Kong said, “by targeting 90% of the road sections which will be connected by the end of 2027, we hope to encourage more people with different abilities to enjoy walking along the coastline.”


“Our city is ever-changing, and the scenery along the Trail is different from last year,” Agnes Cheng, CEO of Parks and Trails said. “We believe that participants could explore and experience the unique aspects of Hong Kong Island during the two-month Challenge and hence raise their awareness about the importance of cultural and environmental preservation,” she continued.


In the Racing category, 3 distance options: 65km Coastal Run, 25km Hill Run and 15km Harbourfront Run are offered. Part of the routes have been temporarily closed due to landslides and fallen trees caused by heavy rain in September 2023. The 65km Run route has been altered as an anti-clockwise loop around Hong Kong Island, offering participants a unique experience of the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail. Mr. Wong Ka Wing secured the first place in the Men’s individual 65km race in a winning time of 7 hours and 2 minutes, while the first and the second runner-ups finished the race within 8 hours. Teams winners are all in a group of two, of which TurboChooks, a mixed team, is the winner completing the race in a time of 7 hours 44 minutes.

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