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Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 Press Release


Enjoy world-class scenery on Hong Kong Island
Registration Now Open for Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24


[HONG KONG, 27 Oct 2023] – Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24, organized by Parks and Trails, TrailWatch, Designing Hong Kong, and iDiscover, will take place from November 15th, 2023, to January 15th, 2024. Last year’s challenge successfully attracted over 1200 participants, including over 500 who completed the 65-km loop around Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 offers two categories for participants: Leisure and Racing. The Leisure category allows participants to explore the eight stages of the trail at their own pace while using the TrailWatch Event mobile app to complete a designated question-and-answer game. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the trail while deepening their understanding of Hong Kong’s history and culture. Upon completion, participants will receive exquisite Coastal Trail pins representing the eight chosen unique scenic spots, an e-certificate, and a chance to win one of ten amazing prizes.

For the challenge seekers, the Racing category offers three different distance options: a 15-km Harbourfront Run, a 25-km Hill Run, and a full 65-km Coastal Run. This category is designed to provide a virtual racing experience for competitive runners who are aiming for top rankings in their respective divisions. In response to the heavy rainfall experienced in September, which affected various parts , the race routes for this edition will differ from previous years, offering participants a fresh perspective and a unique experience of the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail.

Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 serves as a fundraising event for Parks and Trails, with funds raised supporting various environmental conservation initiatives in Hong Kong. These include the TrailWatch app, which serves over 200,000 Hong Kong hikers, the Waste Audit campaign for trail cleanliness, and the Accessible Hiking program, which enables wheelchair users to experience the natural environment. The event aims to foster a better connection between people and nature while protecting the city’s natural environment.

The Coastal Trail Challenge team has collaborated with T8 and Ginger Store to launch a joint merchandise collection, including cooling T-shirts, cotton T-shirts, and sports shorts. In response to demand from previous participants, we have reprinted the exclusive commemorative badges from past Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenges, which are now available for public purchase.


In addition to the challenge, three related activities will be organized to complement the event:

1.     Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch Guided Tour – 25 November (Completed)

Located on the waterfront in Western District, the historical Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch is an iconic landmark that will soon be redeveloped. The Coastal Trail team, in collaboration with Historical Walk Hong Kong, will lead participants through a journey spanning a hundred years of history in the Sai Wan area, providing in-depth insights into the intriguing stories.

2.     Handmade Squid Ball Workshop and Water People’s Religious Belief Sharing – 3 December (Completed)

In Shau Kei Wan, an area historically populated by fishermen, the Coastal Trail team will collaborate with local fishermen and second-generation water people to organize a workshop where participants can experience the art of making authentic squid balls. Additionally, a sharing of the religious beliefs of the water people will be conducted to provide deeper understanding of the rich history and culture of this area.

3.     Parent-Child Nature Workshop – 10 December

In Tai Tam Nature Reserve, the Coastal Trail team will collaborate with That’s ChildWood, a Montessori-inspired education promoter, to provide a parent-child nature workshop. This interactive workshop will enable parents and children to explore the wonders of nature together and create unforgettable memories and learning experiences in harmony with the natural environment.


Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24

Date: November 15th, 2023, to January 15th, 2024

Categories: Leisure and Racing

Leisure Category: Participants will explore the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail in their own time, completing a designated question-and-answer game using the TrailWatch Event mobile app. Those who complete the event can earn eight pin and an e-certificate. Ten amazing prizes will be available.

Racing Category: Virtual races with three distance options – 15 km Harbourfront Run, 25 km Hill Run, and 65 km Coastal Run. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in various divisions.



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