Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail Challenge 2023/24 – Theme Tours


Western Harbour Walk x Historical Walk Hong Kong
Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch Guided Tour – 25 November (Completed)

Joy fills the air as the Coastal Trail Challenge Team collaborates with Historical Walk Hong Kong, bringing over thirty enthusiasts together for walk in the Western District of Hong Kong Island. Participants were treated to a deep dive into various stories and enjoyed the visit to the iconic Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch, revealing the extensive historical culture found on the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail.


Eastern Harbour Walk 
Handmade Cuttlefish Ball Workshop – 3 December (Completed)

Many might have experienced a fishing boat tour before, but savoring the water dwellers’ culture with our taste buds is indeed a rare treat. We’re honored to have Mandy, a second-generation member of the fishing community, and the seasoned fisherwoman Mrs. Cheng , share their stories about temple, complemented by a lesson in making handmade cuttlefish balls!

Many participants witnessed the intricate process of preparing cuttlefish for the first time – a challenging task indeed! As you walk along the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail, especially through the Chai Wan section, don’t miss visiting the Three Kingdoms Temple complex for a truly unique vista.


Tai Tam Nature Walk x That’s ChildWood
Family Nature Workshop – 1o December

Co-organised with That’s ChildWood, the workshop aims to promote Montessori education with learning in nature and learning from nature.


Southern Beaches Walk x St. Stephen’s College Heritage Trail
St. Stephen’s College Heritage Trail Guided Tour – 6 January (Completed)

A new year begins, a guided tour at the St. Stephen’s College Heritage Trail is arranged with the College. For 120 years, several colonial style buildings and memorial sites in St. Stephen’s College are valuable assets in Hong Kong. The College aims to raise public awareness regarding the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of Hong Kong with the development of the Heritage Trail.

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