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Western Harbour Walk

  1. Take a photo with the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.
  2. The renowned writer Ni Kuang once said, “Hong Kong writer Chen Ho-Kei’s detective novels are even more enjoyable than those of Keigo Higashino!” Chen Ho-Kei, who has won numerous international awards, set his representative work “Second Sister” primarily in which location?
    Answer: A. Sai Ying Pun
  3. How many times does this cartoon signboard appear in Western Harbour Walk?
    Answer: B. 2
  4. The government will begin which project that suggested closing the Belcher Bay Promenade for five years?
    Answer: A. Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands Project

Mt Davis Coastal Walk

  1. Take a photo with Victoria City Boundary Stone in Sai Ning Street.
  2. Which of the following defense facilities were established in 1911?
    Answer: B. Mount Davis Battery
  3. Which one of the following is an intangible cultural heritage located in Pok Fu Lam Village?
    Answer: A. Fire Dragon Dance
  4. In 1880, French missionary priests discovered the Bauhinia x blakeana for the first time in Telegraphy Bay in Hong Kong. In which year did it become the official flower of Hong Kong?
    Answer: B. 1965

Aberdeen Harbour Walk

  1. In which year was the esports venue in the Cyberport Mall officially inaugurated, providing a venue for electronic sports competitions?
    Answer: D. 2019
  2. In her single “Embrace Yourself,” which was released in 2022, the renowned Hong Kong female singer Panther Chan specifically chose which neighborhood for the official lyric video to highlight the beauty of Hong Kong?
    Answer: C. Aberdeen
  3. Is the name “Heung Yip Path” derived from which of the following explanations?
    Answer: C. It refers to a tobacco company’s factory building where tobacco leaves are processed.
  4. Please take a photo at the main entrance of the Ocean Park.

Southern Beaches Walk

  1. As the only year-round open temporary water park in Asia, when did the Hong Kong Ocean Park Water World officially open?
    Answer: C. 2021
  2. Which of the following plants can be seen along the way?
    Answer: D. All of the above
  3. When is the Chung Hom Kok Battery confirmed Grade 2 historic building?
    Answer: D. 2009
  4. Take a group photo at the Stanley Murray House.

Tai Tam Nature Walk

  1. Which deceased artist’s former residence is located at 18 Carmel Road, Stanley?
    Answer: C. Teresa Teng
  2. Due to the road design, which road must pedestrians use to connect Stanley Main Beach with Lo Fu Shan Catch Water?
    Answer: A. Stanley Gap Road
  3. Where is the Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championship, one of Hong Kong’s major sporting events, held?
    Answer: A. Stanley
  4. Take a photo at the bottom of the main dam at Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.

Long Dragon’s Back Walk

  1. Take a group photo with Dragon’s Back wooden signs at Junction Of Hong Kong Trail Sec.7 & Sec.8.
  2. Which popular sport is commonly played in the Dragon’s Back area?
    Answer: A. Paragliding
  3. Along the Dragon’s Back section of the Hong Kong Island Trail, how many wooden signs feature a dragon motif?
    Answer: B. 2
  4. Take a photo with the Shek O Country Park wooden sign.

Chai Wan City Walk

  1. Take a group photo at the seaside of Siu Sai Wan.
  2. Between Eastern Hospital and Cheung Chun Hing Scholar House, how many canopies are installed on the stairs?
    Answer: B. 2
  3. Which place(s) has/have been mentioned in the poem “Midday, Quarry Bay” by Leung Ping-kwan?
    Answer: D. All of the above
  4. Which fireboat, manufactured in 1953, is currently the largest exhibit in terms of size in Hong Kong’s museum?
    Answer: A. The fireboat Alexander Grantham

Eastern Harbour Walk

  1. Take a group photo with Victoria Harbour as the background.
  2. In “Fight Back to School II,” which international school was used as the filming location?
    Answer: B. Chinese International School
  3. “Green@Wan Chai”, located at 6 Wan Shing Street, is one of the 11 Green@Community recycling stations in Hong Kong. Which of the following item(s) can be recycled at the Green@Community station?
    Answer: E. All of the above
  4. Which modernist architecture was listed as a declared monument in 2022?
    Answer: D. City Hall
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