Start Point: To Tei Wan Bus Stop, Shek O Road (Hong Kong Trail Section 8)
End Point: Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam

Fancy (re)discovering the city’s abundant history, heritage, greenery and, of course, its scenic shores while challenging yourself? The 65km Run One Go is for you! This marathon-and-then-some is a great way to test and improve your stamina. The run will take you on a long loop around Hong Kong Island. From easy to moderate in difficulty and from steep, remote mountain climbs to flat urban harbourside paths, the Hong Kong island Coast Trail offer something for everyone to enjoy!

Note: Due to landslide and fallen trees, part of Hong Kong Trail Section 7 and 8 is temporarily closed for clearance and maintenance. The 65km Run route has been altered, starting from To Tei Wan Bus Stop, Shek O Road to Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam (an anti-clockwise loop).

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